Review TN Meat Co.

check them out at @tnmeatco

If you follow my show on Facebook, you will see that I get most of my meat from the @tnmeatco

When I first moved down here, I was worried about finding a nice craft butcher to buy my meats. Anyone who is a foodie knows that while meat at the local market might be nice, it does not always meet the requirements. I found it hard to get not just prime cuts, but also meat outside the norm (i.e., goat, lamb, mixed ground, shank).

About five months ago while traveling through Eagleville I stopped at a market which had a craft butcher on site, and they introduced me to their Murfreesboro location. What was clear was that they cared about the meat they put out. Don’t get me wrong, it is not like you can walk in any they have everything you want, lets face it this is not a market in a large city, but if they don’t have it they can get it. More important they carry meats you can’t find in a normal market. Everything from goat, kangaroo, bison, and a few of our reptile friends as well.

Not a good cook don’t worry, they smoke meat too..

Besides the meats you can also find some local products like seasoning, cheese, pickled things, sauces, coffee, wood chips, Smithey Ironware, and knives.

Now people will say isn’t a craft butcher more expensive, the truth is as with any other market it depends on the meat and the cut. Or as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. What makes a place like @tnmeatco special is that they can craft the meat to your liking. You will find the staff are friendly, knowledgable, and skilled. The owners, are all about the community, and taking care of veterans. If you happen to be in Middle TN, and need some good quality meat, be sure to stop by and let them know that Grunt sent you.


One response to “Review TN Meat Co.”

  1. I don’t paying just a little more. I know it’ll have great taste and be tender. They introduced me to Tri Tip steak. Perfect for beef and noodles, roast and just grilled. Hamburger is $2.99 frequently. I just walk in and tell them what I want to make and they tell me what cut to get. So friendly.


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