From Bland to BAM

Second edition of @cookingwithaveteran cookbook

This second edition of @cookingwithaveteran “From Bland to BAM” takes readers on a journey of stretching out staples and dealing with left-overs. In this day and age where everything is expensive, shopping gets a little harder, and we are not in college eating the same thing every night, Dave explores how to take those items and make them something new.

The book starts with dealing with items like potatoes, corn, eggs, and other staple items we buy, but never know what to do with all the extra. Exploring 14 things to do with all those extra potatoes, 5 ways to address corn on the cob, 4 ways to not waste cabbage, as well as creating seasonings and butters to spice them up. 

The other half of the book deals with things like turning meatloaf in to American Goulash, Sloppy Joe’s, or making chili out of left-over BBQ. Not to mention a section of turning left-overs into fun egg rolls for lunch and snacks for your kids.

You can get this book in three options on AMAZON:

Paperback 18.99

Hard Cover 19.25

Kindle 9.50

Autograph copies will be available soon from the Author/Founder/Chef Dave Rogers through Venmo

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