New Cast Iron Tip

How to start using your new cast iron

When you get a new cast iron, people have lots of questions about where to start. I have heard many ways to begin using a new cast iron, but it does not require a lot to get started and to keep going.

When I got my @smithey ironworks pan, I did what I always do when I want to get my pan going.. I cook in it. I tend to keep it simple, sauté some onions, add in a little chop beef and let cook.

The cooking will remove a lot of the initial protective coating on the inside of the pan, but that is okay. No need to use soap when there is nothing stuck to the bottom of the pan, simply wipe out while still warm, rub with a little grape-seed oil (I am using grape-seed as that is what Smithey uses to season their pans) and let sit on the warm oven to dry. Be sure not to leave on the heat too long so it does not burn.

A well seasoned cast iron will gain a dark grayish coating.

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