Smithey Cast Iron a Review

45 days of my Smithey No 12 Combo

45 days, 75 meals, 1 pan. A review of my Smithey Ironware Company No 12 combo. Thanks to my friends at the TN Meat Co helping me with Cooking with a Veteran

There is always that first couple meals you are trying to figure things out. While Smithey Cast Iron is fine with an electric stove (still hoping for a gas range), it takes a little playing with to find the right heat levels for cooking in your new pan.

What I like the most about the Smithey is it takes very little to start building that great seasoning to your pan. Many other cast irons could take a couple of months, maybe a year, but after just 4 meals I already had that smooth, stick free, buildup going.

Over the last 45 days I have cooked everything from eggs, stews, bread, pasta, sausage, roast, chicken, fried croc, hamburgers, pinwheels, and gravy.

It went from cooking on the stove, to going from stove top to oven, and back again. And still through it all it still holds up. This even with burning two meals (by mistake). But even with that, a slight baking soda wash and it was back to a smooth surface.

What is great about a good cast iron is most of the time it is wipe and go. But on those occasions where soap and water is needed or that gentle scrub to a chain mail deep scrub, it takes little to get that smooth surface again.

You will hear many different ideas for seasoning your pan. For me I stick it back on the stove on a medium heat, let it dry out and season with grape seed oil like they originally did.

I am attaching some photos of some of the great meals I have cooked in this great pan.

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