TN Chess Pie Program

A program to support the VFW National Home

The Department of Tennessee VFW and the Grand of Tennessee Military Order of the Cootie is joining together to form the TN Chess Pie Program.

The program is set to help the VFW National Home through cooking lessons and providing meals for the Home.

What does it mean to be A Tennessee Chess Pie?

PIE has so many meanings in social, economic, and even psychological slang. When dealing with veterans with many mental and emotional issues, they are divided into their parts. In economics it means to show growth, just as our organization needs to grow to continue its mission. In social terms, a piece of pie is to share something. For these reasons pie is a perfect example of this program. But more than that, Pies are a great resource of substance for our families.

So why a Chess Pie?

Besides the reasons above, the term Chess Pie fits for this program as it not only fits the goal of the program, but as it is a Southern name for pie. There are a few stories surrounding the name Chess Pie. Some say it comes from the idea that pies in the south were made of anything, calling them “chest” pie, but because of the Southern accent, it turned into “chess.” Another story was that a lady whipped up a pie recipe and called it “just pie”, which again the Southern accent turned it into “chess pie.” Probably the most interesting was a variation of cheesecake that was published in Martha Washington’s Booke of Cookery, in 1902. The recipe was not named, but included the basic ingredients of cream, eggs, butter, and flour. Typically, things kept in a pantry during the time.

The TN Chess PIE Program is meant to provide, not just funds to the vfw National Home and around TN, but also learning and substance for the families. The program will be partnered with Cooking with a Veteran, which will provide the training and cooking for part of the program. As the goal of this program is to help those families learn to stretch their staples kept at home, and turn left-overs into new meals, the idea of Tn Chess Pie fits perfect for this program.

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