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  • Dirty South BBQ Review

    Dirty South BBQ Review

    SeXXXy Mama’s Rub So if you watch my show you know that I usually make my own rub. It is not that other rubs are not good, but I like to control the amount of heat and salt I put into food. Being that I shop at the @tnmeatco I often see Dirty South BBQ…

  • Single Tree BBQ

    Single Tree BBQ

    A Review So those that know me, know that I am a foodie, and big into good BBQ, I mean what meat lover isn’t. Over the years I have had lots of brisket, cooked in different ways, most of the time at a restaurant they tend to be a little dry or tough on the…

  • Review TN Meat Co.

    Review TN Meat Co.

    check them out at @tnmeatco If you follow my show on Facebook, you will see that I get most of my meat from the @tnmeatco When I first moved down here, I was worried about finding a nice craft butcher to buy my meats. Anyone who is a foodie knows that while meat at the…