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  • Chicken Soup

    Chicken Soup

    Homemade Irish Grunt Style I am cooking this in my new Smithey Dutch Oven pot 7.25 Quart Ingredients Whole chicken 5 whole carrots 5 sticks celery 2 leeks 3 golden radishes 1 large onion 1 bushels Italian parsley 8 cups chicken broth 6 cups water 5 cloves garlic Salt, pepper, paprika, crushed red pepper, white… Read more

  • Honey Glazed Collar Pork Steak

    Honey Glazed Collar Pork Steak

    Using Mikes Hot Honey This is an easy and great tasting recipe. Ingredients Collar Pork Steak Mikes Hot Honey Salt, pepper, paprika, crushed red pepper flakes to taste Garlic cloves 2 tbsps. Olive oil Brine you collar steak with salt, pepper and paprika. Stick in fridge for an hour, or overnight if you can. On… Read more

  • Dirty South BBQ Review

    Dirty South BBQ Review

    SeXXXy Mama’s Rub So if you watch my show you know that I usually make my own rub. It is not that other rubs are not good, but I like to control the amount of heat and salt I put into food. Being that I shop at the @tnmeatco I often see Dirty South BBQ… Read more

  • TN Chess Pie Program

    TN Chess Pie Program

    A program to support the VFW National Home The Department of Tennessee VFW and the Grand of Tennessee Military Order of the Cootie is joining together to form the TN Chess Pie Program. The program is set to help the VFW National Home through cooking lessons and providing meals for the Home. What does it… Read more

  • Smithey Cast Iron a Review

    Smithey Cast Iron a Review

    45 days of my Smithey No 12 Combo 45 days, 75 meals, 1 pan. A review of my Smithey Ironware Company No 12 combo. Thanks to my friends at the TN Meat Co helping me with Cooking with a Veteran There is always that first couple meals you are trying to figure things out. While… Read more

  • Cinnamon Raisin Rolls

    Cinnamon Raisin Rolls

    Classic breakfast or desert dish When I was younger my grandmother use to make these all the time, and I loved them. Hers are a little more flaky, which a lot of people love, but I like mine made from a puff pastry, gives it a bit more crunch. Ingredients: Icing/glaze (I am doing without,… Read more