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From Bland to BAM!

This second edition of @cookingwithaveteran “From Bland to BAM” takes readers on a journey of stretching out staples and dealing with left-overs. In this day and age where everything is expensive, shopping gets a little harder, and we are not in college eating the same thing every night, Dave explores how to take those items and make them something new.

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Cook book

Cooking with a Veteran Vol. 1

This first book takes you on a journey to some of Daves favorite meals, and travels around the VFW.

You can get this book on AMAZON 


Cooking with a Veteran Coin

These coins are the logo for @cookingwithaveteran program, they can be bought in nickel for 18.00 or turquoise for 20.00 plus $4 shipping

Autographed Cook book

Vol 1 & 2

Want an autographed copy of @cookingwithaveteran cook book? You can get them directly from the author 20.00 each, includes shipping. You can order through Venmo, PayPal, Zelle.