• Smithey Ironworks Review

    Smithey Ironworks Review

    Welcome @cookingwithaveteran sponsor @smitheyironware  A special thank you to our sponsor @tnmeatco for introducing us to our sponsor Smithey Ironworks. They donated a No. 12 pan to Cooking with a Veteran. As with any new pan, I put it to the test. In three days cooked 14 meals in the pan, here are some highlights.…

  • Cooking with a Veteran Cookbook 1

    Cooking with a Veteran Cookbook 1

    The first cookbook for veterans by a veteran This book features over 60 recipes of Dave’s favorite meals. Everything from Chicken Pot Pie and Chili to Spanish Rice. Click image to find on Amazon

  • Salbrush Dukkah Crusted Kangaroo

    Salbrush Dukkah Crusted Kangaroo

    An Australian and Middle East Dish with great flavor Ingredients for Dukkah Toast the whole nuts (walnuts and almonds) in a skillet until they’re starting to smell nice and fragrant. Add the sesame seeds, so they get a chance to toast as well. They’re so small that they could burn if you added them along…

  • Beef Rendang

    Beef Rendang

    A popular Indonesian dish, which tends to be spicy. Ingredients for spice paste: (Rempah) Make the paste: Place in blender and blend until a thick paste Ingredients for Rendang Beef Heat paste in a pan until dry. Rub beef cubes in paste and place in the pan with the oil. Add whole spices (star anise,…